Moonrise Design Painted Shoes

Moonrise Design Painted Shoes

This post is about painted-shoes
  • Common Questions
  • Materials I Use
  • Methods
  • Custom Orders
To start off ……..
Q: Can I wear these outside are they waterproof?
A: YES! the process, materials, and application waterproof them! Although I would avoid fully soaking them
Q: Can you paint on the rubber bottom part?
A: Yes but it is not guaranteed to hold because the paint is formulated for canvas and leather products not rubber
Q: Can I get a logo or a copyright image?
A: Yes and No - Yes you can use a popular logo, sports team, character, band etc as long as you are not mass producing it. No you can not use someones artwork without permission just ask!
Q: How do I wash the shoes without ruining the paint?
A: Rub lightly with warm water and dish soap. This will remove any typical wear and tear dirt. Just make sure you do not scrub the painted surface to hard you could scrub away the sealant.
Q: What type of shoes do you paint? Do you only do Vans?
A: No! I can paint almost any surface it just takes the proper techniques to prep the surface and seal the final product
Q: What are my options?
A: Any shoe that is for sale online. Go online and search for your perfect canvas! If you can not find a good starting shoe you like message me what you are looking for and ill see what I can find!
Q: What are the best style of Vans to paint?
A: I feel like this is more of an opinion answer but the white canvas slide on Vans. They are the perfect base color for any masterpiece and have more room for art work.
Q: Can you paint a pair I already have?
A: Yes! It will save you the cost of the shoe off your order. As long as they aren’t disgustingly dirty or smelly lol
Q: Can I get these as a gift for someone?
A: Of course! As long as you have their shoe size its a perfect gift
Q: Why are these so expensive
A: The price includes the shoes, paint, sealant, cost of labor and shipping. Also shoes are a small canvas it takes a lot of time and detail to customize a pair!
Q: How do I pay? Can I pay in increments?
A: Yes, deposits are required to start your order. I do have payment plan options, Afterpay and Klarna. I also accept credit, debit, Venmo, and PayPal.
Q: Can you draw me a draft of the shoes first before I decide if I want to order?
A: Once a deposit has been made I can make a digital draft to make sure we are on the same page with the design layout.


  • Paint - They have so many different options its dope. My favorite way to order is the 12 pack kit you can hand pick the exact 12 colors you want. Then I get a large white and a large black container.
  • Fine tip brushes - They have a perfect pack on their website but any other fine tip brushes will do just fine its all about preference.
  • Tape - this is for tapping off the areas you do not want to get paint on like the rubber bottoms it won’t stay there. This is the most annoying part but some people live by it.
  • Blank Markers - these are empty markers you add the paint to. I use these sometimes but they can be a pain in the ass filling and cleaning etc.
  • Sealant - Angelus sells an acrylic finisher and this is the best sealant in my opinion. You can choose glossy or matte its easy to apply and really works.
  • Fabric Medium & 2thin - I use fabric medium to mix with regular acyclic paint its just nice to have. 2thin is an additive that thins the paint its good for painting a large area of the shoes like background. Keeps the paint even and smooth.
  • De-glazer- Use this for shoes that aren’t canvas it removes factory sealant helps the paint adhere better
  • Acetone - removes paint this is for when i fuck up
  • Rit Dye - If I am using canvas shoes and I want the base layer to be a different color I dye them
  • Plastic Bags - I stuff the shoes with them while they are being painted


I feel like there is 3 methods I use to get started….
  1. Plan, Draw, Draw, GO - This is were I plan out the design, draw it on paper, draw it on the shoes in pencil and then start painting
  2. GO - This method I just pick a color I like and just start painting this is my favorite method cause you kind of let the colors take control and decide whats going to happen
  3. Photoshop, GO - I Make a mock up design of what I want the shoes to look like and use this as reference and just start painting based off the design
Next I Prep the shoes ….
  1. Canvas shoes are pretty much good to go just make sure they are clean. Any other material I would use a de-glazer this removes the factory sealant and really adheres the paint to the material. Angelus Direct has one on their website.
  2. Remove the laces if there are any. I usually put them back in the shoe box so I do not loose them.
  3. Stuff the shoe. I just shove a bunch of plastic bags or spare material in the shoes. This keeps the surface firm to it doesn’t flop when your painting it. It also absorbs any paint that could seep through the material.
  4. Draw on the design if you want to. I usually do not do this in detail because I don’t want pencil lines showing through light paint colors. Do it very light and just basic reference lines you need nothing more.
  5. Remember size! Don’t try to fit too many things on the shoe it will look bad if its overcrowded sometime simple is better
  6. Each shoes is a different shape so you have to adjust the design for the left and right shoe
  1. Use light colors first! You can always make something darker but its much harder to make it lighter
  2. Paint the background colors and main shapes of design
  3. If the shoe is a dark color paint a white outline where you want the colors to pop
  4. Let each layer dry before apply the next ( hair dryer helps this part move along faster)
  5. Wait until the end to use black for the final details
  6. Finish with white adding highlights
Finish and Seal
  1. Once you are pleased with your design let it dry over night. The next day make sure every part its dry! ( applying the sealant before dry will smear your masterpiece)
  2. Apply the acrylic clear coat sealant. Beware it is very thin and runny! Pour some in a separate container use clean dry brush and paint on a thin layer
  3. Wait until the first layer is completely dry add a second thin layer
  4. Make sure the 2nd layer is completely dry and remove the tape. Take it off slow it could be dried to paint edges.
  5. Use the acetone to remove any unwanted spots
  6. put the laces back on and take pics!


To order you very own pair of custom Moonrise Design Shoes email me We can collaborate on the design and you will forever have a dope pair of shoes. If you have any questions that I haven’t answered here feel free to reach out! Thanks for reading!